Assalamualaikum WBT

>PYOTCUPCAKES BAKERY is a home based bussiness offering a variety of SMALL & medium sized colourful cupcakes for you to choose from ;)

>All cupcakes are made from the finest ingredients & freshly baked daily!
>we cater for any occasions,u name it ;)

>NO extra charges for writings & NO extra charges for choc chips ;)

>storage wise for cupcakes;
in room temprature - 3 days max
refrigerate - a week max

22 January 2011

chocolate ganache cupcakes

again thanx to Pn Aida Taman Sutera..

banyak kali dah order ngn pyotcupcakes....kali ni utk mkn2 petang katanya.....

birthday cupcakes tema green and purple

thanx to along....

tempahan cupcakes utk mmber officenya...

16 medium cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes

thanx to iera....

Pelanggan tetap merangkap officemate =)

16 medium chocolate moist (RM25)

Thanx to Nazneen..last minit order utk hadiah wedding mmber katanya...

16 medium chocolate cupcakes (RM25)

Supprise dari tunang tersayang

Thanx to Rubie,

Nak buat surprise utk tunangnya....idea deco from rubie...
16medium chocolate moist (RM30)

girls cupcakes

free gift to my cousin...Dah nak balik MRSM...

medium 15pcs chocolate moist cupcakes

baby blue,pink and purple cupcakes

Thanx to Kak fiza

1.5kg chocolate moist cakes with chocolate topping...

Thanx to Pn Aida taman sutera,

1.5kg chocolate moist for birthday (RM60)