Assalamualaikum WBT

>PYOTCUPCAKES BAKERY is a home based bussiness offering a variety of SMALL & medium sized colourful cupcakes for you to choose from ;)

>All cupcakes are made from the finest ingredients & freshly baked daily!
>we cater for any occasions,u name it ;)

>NO extra charges for writings & NO extra charges for choc chips ;)

>storage wise for cupcakes;
in room temprature - 3 days max
refrigerate - a week max

20 May 2013

macaroon trial...

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُ
haloo..last weekend for 4th time i cuba buat macaroon...kali ni RnD lebih lama sket..follow youtube and ikut tips people bg kt blog and video...Alhamdulillah akhirnya..tarraaaaa

19 May 2013

hantaran cupcakes pink and purple

thanks to those yg order with pyotcupcakes..theme yg sama..15pcs rainbow cupcakes utk hantaran tunang..25pcs chocolate moist cupcakes utk hantaran nikah 18/5/13...

same day, utk customer yg order utk nikah, 500pcs muffin and cheese marble cake utk doorgift wedding 19/5..thanks sgt2..sbb yg order tu tokey butik pengantin yg saya amik utk majlis saya nnti..overall she likes it much..looking fwd for BIG oppurtunity.. ;)

11 May 2013

mothersday cupcake

yesterday order for mothersday...theme blue n purple..flower design...RM35/box

10 May 2013

e-day cupcakes

thanks velvet cupcakes utk Eday 2/5/13..self pickup at shell sg besi indah..RM65 /25pcs cupcakes

09 May 2013

pink+green simple flower deco cupcake.

chocolate moist cupcake extra for mkn2...kadang2 saya pn teringin nk mkn cupcake ada extra buat mkn2 dgn mmber...

upin ipin cupcakes

thanks to shurul...order for her besday little boy 1 year..chocolate moist cc...nk gmbr upin ipin...

08 May 2013

special to my sis kak yani

birthday girl teringin i bake lebih utk my ofismate sempena birthday dia..chocolate moist cupcake..thema suka suki...

April's cupcakes for girlfriend's birthday

thanks to my friend azri bcoz sudi order for 2nd time dgn pyotcupcake..cupcakes theme pink and red color+cute cartoon.selfpick up kt my office at Jaya33,pj..

08 March 2013

Man-U cupcakes only RM35/16pcs

Manchaster United cupcakes utk birthday.Order daripada customer balakong..flavour chocolate moist cupcakes with buttercream+edible image..RM35 only...self pickup

21 February 2013

cupcakes flower and cute theme

february order compilation...thanks frends...